Web Icons for Second State Press Shop

At the beginning of this year I participated in the FOB Holder Program at Second State Press, where I worked and got access to the print shop.  It was an awesome experience where I met many talented printmakers and learned to silkscreen.

These icons are based on objects and tools (and even one small letterpress!) at Second State Press.  

If you are in Philly, Second State is worth checking out - they offer classes, free community workshops, and exhibition opportunities. 

Below are some SSP creations up on my Etsy Shop and just a few of the awesome people I met: 

Moira Connelly
Ashley Limés Castellana
Scott Porcelli
Stephany McKean
Joanna Nowak


Graphic Design - Typography Class at Arcadia University - GIFS

Check out these fantastic animated GIFS made by my Graphic Design Typography students at Arcadia University!  Most of them even created their own hand lettering for this project. Such talent. 


Happy Holidays Promo!

Printed and mailing out new Holiday Cards!  See you all in 2018!

Happy Holiday Card
Happy Holiday Card Interior
Process Card

T-Shirt Design for North American Bushcraft School

I designed a t-shirt graphic for the North American Bushcraft School  which offers classes in wilderness survival and primitive technology.

"The More You Know, The Less You Need" is the concept of the design.  The more we educate ourselves about mother nature, the less we rely on modern objects that bog us down.  By learning to use plants as medicine, food, and tools, we are no longer afraid of the wilderness but work with it for all our needs. 

A few years ago I visited Sera and Jason's property in Pennsylvania where they host classes and camps.  I got to hang out with their goats, practice archery, and braid rope using grass.  If you are ever in Pennsylvania, it's worth the trip!

Birthday Card

Printing some new cards!  This one is a Birthday Card and is part of a series of 5" x 7" cards. Below is the inked drawing in black and white.  You can see the color change that I created in Photoshop:

At the Drive In

"At the Drive In" is an image inspired from living in the woods of Westchester county many years ago.  There are so many garden creatures: moles, deer, bats, birds, snakes, raccoons, owls, even neighbors dogs and cats.  There are big rock walls, and at night perhaps all the nocturnal creatures get together for an entertaining film. 

First, I begin with a sketch.  Then, using a nib and ink, I redraw (or ink) the sketch on quality paper using black ink.  In order to add color, I scan the ink drawing into the computer and use Photoshop to color the line work, add fill colors, highlights and shadows. 

Colorful Ink Wash Leggings

Check out these colorful leggings I designed at Society 6.

Good for your favorite yoga poses, laying in leaves, and flopping around.

You could be a walking ink wash this dreary winter season!


Sketchbook Project 2017 - Ink wash book



 Front Cover

Front Cover

 Back Cover

Back Cover

I created this small accordion ink wash book with hard covers on watercolor paper for the Sketchbook Project Library in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  You can go check it out in person at library collection, as well as viewing tons of other sketchbooks from around the world. 

Linoleum Relief Printmaking - Robot

Recently finished a flying robot linoleum print.  Carving and printing was super therapeutic.

Three more in series to come! 

Robot Scroll

I made a robot scroll for my sister's birthday because she really likes robots.  It is made with paper mache, ear plugs, bottle caps, chocolate wrappers, electrical tape, ribbons, wooden sticks, paint and markers. 

I wanted to create 40 little images inside the mouth of the robot, but I think there are few more than 40.  

Watch the video below to count them for yourself!   

Sketchbook Project 2016

This year I participated in the Sketchbook Project located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. They have a beautiful collection of sketchbooks from around the world. 

Here is the accordion book I created with ink washes: 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  

An image inspired by ballet dancing foxes and cats!