Making of the Storyboard and Sketches for "O Gato e O Macaco" (The Cat and The Monkey)


When I am satisfied with the identity of the characters, I begin the process of storyboarding.

The text by João Manuel Ribeiro was already broken up into pages, so I planned the drawings around the amount of space given for the illustrations.

During this process, added the two mice as extra characters for more visual storytelling.

The book was going to be small and square in format and simple in the narrative.  I admired the simple formatting and size of Beatrix Potter's books, with text on one page and a vignette on the other:

Keeping the same idea for vignettes and white space for text, I began to make a storyboard of all 28 pages of the book, trying to keep the characters and background consistent.

Below are the final drawings: