Ink Doodles and List From 365 Days by Julie Doucet

I've finally finished this book. I've been reading it in the bathroom for half a year now. I've been taking notes on all the books, artists, and films that Julie mentions. Here they are:

Sophie Calle
Carson McCullers
Jorge Luis Marrero
Divine Intervention Chronicle of a Disapperance by Elia Suleiman (2002)
Yodon Il Aheyya
Les Inconnus dans La Maison
Georges Leningrad's music
Stereo Total
"How I killed my Fathered" Fontaine French Bourgeoisie
Le Martien De Noel- Cousin Is In- Her uncle produced this film
Amourettes by Anna Sonner book
8 Ball 12
Raymond Guerin - l'app....
Tan Derepente-Argentinean Diego Lerman
Yes By Thomas Bernhard
Mike Watt- L'Diede Cravan
M.Sasek - series of kidbooks about capitals of the world
La Peau de Chagrin
Henry Galais
Conversation secreta- coppola film
Human Nature - film
Willem - Ailleurs
Gaston Lagaffe
"rapport sur moi" Gregoire Bouillier
Ken Park by Larry Clark

Now it will take me 356 days to research all these things. I find that it's good to research the interests of those you admire. Get to the source maybe. I'm not sure.

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There was an old man with an owl
Who would always bother and howl
He sat on a rail
and imbided bitter ale,
which refreshed that old man and his owl.

Limmerick by
Edward Lear

Illustration by